Radon Mitigation

Get Rid of Your Radon Problem

Get Rid of Your Radon Problem

Plan a radon mitigation project in Casper, WY

You've had a professional radon tester come out and find the radon hot spots on your property. Now what? It's time to get your radon under control by hiring Alpha Radon Mitigation to handle your radon mitigation.

Whether you need help lowering the radon levels in your home or your commercial space, we'll get the job done right. Connect with our company in Casper, WY today for radon mitigation services.

Mitigate your radon in a flash

The radon mitigation process doesn't have to be lengthy or complicated. Choose Alpha Radon Mitigation to get the job done quickly and effectively. We will...

  • Cut holes in the concrete around your radon hot spots
  • Remove around 15 pounds of interior dirt
  • Run pipes to the roof or another suitable exterior surface
  • Install a radon fan to reduce your radon levels
You'll be able to breathe easier once the radon is out of your air. Reach out today for expert radon mitigation services.